Hearing Visuals Drops ‘Essentials’ Pack One

By June 14, 2016Fashion News

Essentials with effortless visuals.


Hearing Visuals releases its first ‘Essentials Pack ONE’ which highlights the brands aesthetics in one collection. The digital art gallery based brand Hearing Visuals in based in Raleigh, NC, and features different artists each week via the ‘Mezzanine’ portion of our site where they showcase their work. After one week a new artist of a different medium is posted. The Essentials Pack One sees the brand launch their first merchandise release of the year featuring 2 essential shirts one black, one white, which you can wear with any outfit. One black baseball cap with no obtrusive logo on the front which can also be worn for any occasion and one tote bag for everyday use. 4 essential items for the summer.

Shop the latest collection by Hearing Visuals online here.

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