MFW: Etro Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Designer Kean Etro showcased his Etro SS17 at Milan Fashion Week on Monday June 20th. The collection he embraced MFW with encapsulated a sort of casual chic, often in the form of fairly subtle, muted suits with a much more exciting graphic print on the Etro shirts that followed. As well as printed shirts, Etro SS17 included a number of printed trousers, in both thin and tailored offerings – with some models even walking barefoot to add to the casual aesthetic.

Textured bomber jackets and draped knitwear followed, with prints gradually getting more and more stimulating, all the while adopting a dark red and brown colour palette.

See the full Etro Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week below:

KIM_2631 KIM_2643 KIM_2661 KIM_2676 KIM_2691 KIM_2702 KIM_2726 KIM_2743 KIM_2764 KIM_2773 KIM_2787 KIM_2807 KIM_2819 KIM_2835 KIM_2853 KIM_2870 KIM_2883 KIM_2889 KIM_2913 KIM_2926 KIM_2939 KIM_2954 KIM_2974 KIM_2986 KIM_3004 KIM_3016 KIM_3033 KIM_3044 KIM_3057 KIM_3068 KIM_3088 KIM_3098 KIM_3123 KIM_3135 KIM_3148 KIM_3170 KIM_3184 KIM_3203 KIM_3219 KIM_3236 KIM_3255 KIM_3270 KIM_3281 KIM_3296 KIM_3319 KIM_3331

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