MFW: Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Diesel Black and Gold Spring/Summer 2017 collection shows designer, Andreas Melbostad, envisioning his men as tough yet stylish. A man who is not afraid to make statements with his clothing choices. The most striking pieces were the multi-pockets striped jackets, sometimes with extra-long sleeves, using three-dimensional quality these garments popped.  There was a subtle, yet unmissable, Japanese inspiration in this collection, with the triangular cut of the short sleeves, the soft quilted fabric used for jackets that reminded of Judoka outfits, and the reiteration of the diagonal line in a selection of jackets.

The all-white silhouettes projected the viewer into the future, while the final pieces made a statement with their dominance of salmon pink.



See the full Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week below:

_LUC2810 _LUC2824 _LUC2833 _LUC2844 _LUC2854 _LUC2865 _LUC2873 _LUC2883 _LUC2897 _LUC2902 _LUC2914 _LUC2925 _LUC2938 _LUC2949 _LUC2959 _LUC2970 _LUC2978 _LUC2992 _LUC3004 _LUC3015 _LUC3026 _LUC3037 _LUC3048 _LUC3056 _LUC3067 _LUC3076 _LUC3085 _LUC3095 _LUC3108 _LUC3120 _LUC3130 _LUC3140 _LUC3148 _LUC3167 _LUC3195

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