MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Prada goes tourist chic for SS17.


There’s just no getting away from socks and sandals for this season. Culprits include MSGM and Versace, who have been turning this faux pas on it’s head for Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Prada has taken the socks n’ sandals movement  a step further, sending out Velcro sandals with patterned straps and setting them over neoprene socks. 

Prada’s SS17 collection saw their models hiking down the catwalk with strapped backpacks, packing camping essentials like tarps, and oversize shimmering rain macs. Prada’s models look ready-for-anything, embracing the anorak and the bucket hat: previously ‘uncool’ travel essentials and bringing them under the umbrella of ‘travel chic.’

Like many other brands this season Prada has deliberately blurred the lines between genders. Female models have been cropping up in the men’s shows and vice versa, but this collection also celebrates exploration and the bringing together different cultures: a pastiche of Mizrahi headbands, knitwear crafted with traditionally Mexican patterns and the socks n’ sandals trend typically attributed to Westerners. Muiccia Prada described this patchwork collection as “a vision of what is happening now with people travelling and joining together cultures”.

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