PFW: Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Ever since we’ve heard about Acne Studios, we have certainly been praising the minimalist house for their collection of shades and minimalist pairs of shoes they annually treat our eyes with. During their Spring/Summer 2017 presentation, the Swedish luxury label showed us that it was more than that: Jonny Johansson’s brand was all about pastel colors and oversized outerwear while trench coats would meet mesh tank tops and layered ensembles.

See the full Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

01-acne-studios-2017 02-acne-studios-2017 03-acne-studios-2017 04-acne-studios-2017 05-acne-studios-2017 06-acne-studios-2017 07-acne-studios-2017 08-acne-studios-2017 09-acne-studios-2017 10-acne-studios-2017 11-acne-studios-2017 12-acne-studios-2017 13-acne-studios-2017 14-acne-studios-2017 15-acne-studios-2017 16-acne-studios-2017 17-acne-studios-2017 18-acne-studios-2017 19-acne-studios-2017 20-acne-studios-2017 21-acne-studios-2017 22-acne-studios-2017 23-acne-studios-2017 24-acne-studios-2017

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