Faith Connexion Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

By June 26, 2016Fashion News

Faith Connexion’s SS17 offering was an eclectic array of rebellion and anarchy – all in the form of studded belts, distressed denim and dark leather. Heavy texturing and layering of various shirts and knitwear provided a common theme, as did shredded scarves and animal prints. SS17 for Faith Connexion was adventurous, extreme and exaggerated, often paired with classic white cowboy boots, resulting in an offering reminiscent of 70’s Americana mixed with remnants of the London grunge scene that we at PAUSE remember so, so well. 

See the full Faith Connexion Spring/Summer 2017 Collection below:

01-faith-connexion-2017 02-faith-connexion-2017 03-faith-connexion-2017 04-faith-connexion-2017 05-faith-connexion-2017 06-faith-connexion-2017 07-faith-connexion-2017 08-faith-connexion-2017 14-faith-connexion-2017 15-faith-connexion-2017 16-faith-connexion-2017 17-faith-connexion-2017 18-faith-connexion-2017 19-faith-connexion-2017 20-faith-connexion-2017 21-faith-connexion-2017 22-faith-connexion-2017 29-faith-connexion-2017 30-faith-connexion-2017 31-faith-connexion-2017 32-faith-connexion-2017 33-faith-connexion-2017 34-faith-connexion-2017 35-faith-connexion-2017 36-faith-connexion-2017 37-faith-connexion-2017 38-faith-connexion-2017

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