PFW: Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Mastering the art of layering, Dries Van Noten presented a refined men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Along with a beige and white soft palette of colors, the fashion label modernized the clothing with a touch of silver grey (see the long trench coat) and strong navy blue pieces. Dries Van Noten celebrated a playful offering with the rise of prints: the fashion house combined flowers, leaves and graphic patterns on bomber jackets or long bermudas.

See the full Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

_DRI0039 _DRI0053 _DRI0067 _DRI0079 _DRI0095 _DRI0121 _DRI0139 _DRI0157 _DRI0179 _DRI0201 _DRI0217 _DRI0233 _DRI0263 _DRI0287 _DRI0303 _DRI0315 _DRI0339 _DRI0359 _DRI0387 _DRI0409 _DRI0423 _DRI0447 _DRI0459 _DRI0479 _DRI0495 _DRI0517 _DRI0535 _DRI0567 _DRI0585 _DRI0603 _DRI0617 _DRI0641 _DRI0661 _DRI0679 _DRI0701 _DRI0719 _DRI0731 _DRI0745 _DRI0769 _DRI0785 _DRI0811 _DRI0829 _DRI0847 _DRI0867 _DRI0889 _DRI0917 _DRI0925 _DRI0945 _DRI0963 _DRI0991 _DRI1007 _DRI1027 _DRI1049 _DRI1073 _DRI1099 _DRI1113 _DRI1131 _DRI1147 _DRI1167



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