PFW: Kolor Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Kolor presents a travel inspired collection for Spring/Summer 17.

_LUC2429This collection is filled with patterns and textures as designer Junichi Abe incorporates inspiration from travel and culture into his designs, although he isn’t sure which, exactly. He comments “Sorry, I don’t know,” to being asked at the show which ethnicity he is reflecting. We do know, however, that there are kimono style pieces, coin medallions, transparent knits, crocodile textured jackets and American penny loafers.

“New and old, stiff and soft, natural and technical. If it’s right, I use it. It’s the mix that’s exciting.” Abe announces, giving us the impression that if he likes it, it goes. Perhaps this is what makes the collection so interesting; the uncertainty of concept and the lack of a deeper meaning.

See the full Kolor Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

_LUC2429 _LUC2441 _LUC2452 _LUC2477 _LUC2489 _LUC2501 _LUC2514 _LUC2528 _LUC2540 _LUC2564 _LUC2587 _LUC2600 _LUC2613 _LUC2625 _LUC2638 _LUC2649 _LUC2673 _LUC2685 _LUC2701 _LUC2712 _LUC2726 _LUC2737 _LUC2761 _LUC2775 _LUC2786 _LUC2810 _LUC2820 _LUC2836 _LUC2847 _LUC2857 _LUC2872 _LUC2891 _LUC2906 _LUC2916 _LUC2956

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