PFW: Les Benjamins SS17 Presentation

As well as having a full look at the Spring/Summer 2017 collection by Les Benjamins, captured by our photographer Jake Hateley, we witnessed the Parisian brand unveiling a new collection, inspired by Tuargec landscapes and dreamlike atmospheres of Northern Africa. The presentation, held in Parisian rue de Turenne, was as dynamic and electrifying as the audience would have expected.

Just like a squad of cool and young Parisian icons, bulky silhouettes were combined with print sweaters and sleeveless jackets while tattooed models danced or stood still in the white room during the presentation. Les Benjamins opted for a neutral location for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, thus contrasting with a much vivid offering. You’re quite lucky if you’re into brushstrokes, body paintings and animal prints.

See the full Les Benjamins’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

DZ1C1259-1 DZ1C1288-2 DZ1C1467-3 DZ1C1483-4 DZ1C1493-5 DZ1C1534-6 DZ1C1543-7 DZ1C1582-8 DZ1C1588-9 DZ1C1689-10

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