PFW: Pigalle Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Designer, Seraphin and his girlfriend, Ashpool were “married” at the Spring 2017 Pigalle show.

The dressed-up guests, gathered in the gorgeous garden of the Musée de Montmartre. There was good, crisp white wine, bowls of cherries on the wrought-iron tables, and a floral arrangement of the Pigalle logo set into a flowerbed.

Pigalle’s group of groomsmen emerged one by one from the house. They wore a fashion-show and wedding-appropriate wardrobe of overwhelmingly white raiments, the garments shone softness, detail, drapes and color accents. Made by Maison Lemarié, pleated sections were cut into the skirts of long, flowing jackets. Tufts of pastel silk organza, prettily arranged, were inlaid in the brims of porkpie hats or inserted as bouquets on the chests of silver quilted bombers.

At the end, Seraphin drifted through the gable in a luminous Maison Lesage–constructed skirt and crop top. Ashpool sported cream track pants worn high, Nikes, and a pattern-sparkled cream and violet jacket. They kissed under a sheet and were “married.”

See the full Pigalle Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

KIM_0030 KIM_0054 KIM_0063 KIM_0090 KIM_0094 KIM_0109 KIM_0128 KIM_0140 KIM_0162 KIM_0183 KIM_0202 KIM_0220 KIM_0234 KIM_0274 KIM_0285 KIM_0325 KIM_0355 KIM_0373 KIM_0388 KIM_0415 KIM_0427 KIM_0445 KIM_0589

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