Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Will Launch at Urban Outfitters

By July 29, 2016Fashion News

Justin Bieber expands his tour merchandise all over the world.


Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour merchandise goes from strength to strength and now sees a global launch at Urban Outfitters. The Purpose Tour capsule collection is made up of six items including an hoodie, a shortsleeve tee, a long-sleeve tee, a baseball cap, and a coach’s jacket, all featuring the iconic Purpose Tour logo – collectively resembling luxury streetwear. Since the Kanye West ‘Life of Pablo’ and Beyoncé ‘Formation’ tour, tour merchandise is having a huge moment, it just made sense for Justin Bieber to do the same and take it further. The collection ranges from £25.00 to £69.00 and will be sold at London, New York and Los Angeles Urban Outfitters stores from the 5th August and online on 8th August 2016.

UO will do the collection’s global launch with events in London, New York, and Los Angeles on Friday 5th August, from 18.0020.00 in each city’s respective time zone. Open to the public, each party will feature a live DJ set, refreshments, and exclusive giveaways of the collection, including select pieces signed by Justin Bieber. The talent line-up includes Eliphino at the UO Marble Arch store in London, Getlive! at UO Herald Square store in New York and Joe Kay of Soulection at the UO Melrose store in Los Angeles.


The collection’s look book features models Rio Allison and Michael Lockley, photographed by Piczo:

Bieber_photo_posters_Page_3 Bieber_photo_posters_Page_2 Bieber_photo_posters_Page_1

Purpose Tour trucker hat at Urban Outfitters - £25 or €35 Purpose Tour Long sleeve t-shirt at Urban Outfitters £35 or €39 Purpose Tour Long sleeve top at Urban Outfitters £39 or €45 Purpose Tour grey hoodie at Urban Outfitters £45 or €59 Purpose Tour Football Jersey at Urban Outfitters £55 or €70 Purpose Tour coach jacket at Urban Outfitters £69 or €89

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