NYFWM: Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

An artistic outlook for SS17 from Perry Ellis.

Perry Ellis SS17 showcases a graphic-based collection, indulgent in Pollock inspired prints complete with shirts and matching bags. The collection is relatively subtle, as the colour scheme doesn’t stray too far from a bright blue co-ord or orange shorts, however still manages to retain a sense of excitement and innovation.
Key looks from Ellis’ SS17 include an arguably sunset inspired sweatshirt, featuring the iconic Rose graphic – extremely prevalent within this collection – as well as variations of the printed and ruched bomber jackets. The collection is pretty wearable, and we at PAUSE would no doubt be the first ones lining up!
See the full Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week below:
Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy2 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy3 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy4 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy5 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy6 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy7 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy8 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy9 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy10 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy11 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy12 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy13 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy14 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy15 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy16 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy17 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy18 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy19 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy20 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy21 Perry-Ellis_ss17_fy22

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