6 golden rules for Notting Hill Carnival

Summer is almost over but there’s still a reason to rejoice: Notting Hill Carnival is closer than ever and The Big Smoke is slowly but surely getting ready for two days of frenzy. For the occasion, we at PAUSE have decided to unveil some rules you’d better have in mind to spend your best Bank holiday weekend.

1 – Crash a mad house party

Whether it’s a warm-up or an afterparty, it’s always cool to stay at one’s and enjoy the Bank holiday weekend with some of your best people. 

2 – Try out new cocktails or drinks

3 – Stay with you crew

There’s no way to find your crew in the crowd so don’t get lost, stay with your friends. 

4 – Spare your best clothes

You all know those new Margiela hi-tops are not supposed to be touched by anyone else, let alone a crowd of hundreds. Opt for an old pair of sneakers, a hoodie and a pair of worn out trousers for the occasion. A relaxed stylish look at its finest.

5 – Save some for Monday

As Monday usually means madness, you probably want to save your energy on Sunday to give it all in the streets of Notting Hill the following day.

6 – Get lit

London’s Carnival is all about being yourself, having fun and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Get ready for jerk chicken, call your best friends and enjoy the festivities.

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