Manière de Voir: Get To Know The Fashion-Forward Label

Introducing… MANIÈRE DE VOIR


Manière De Voir is a sentence we use in French that can be translated as ‘Way of Seeing’, or ‘Way of Viewing’: behind the strong and poetic label name lies a new perspective for the Menswear garment, a new way of styling clothes through the brand’s silhouettes and cuts. In the Manière De Voir’s consistent collections, the clothing is combined with a relaxed tone, where models sport everyday ensembles and where raw aesthetics somehow meet classic collections.

The UK-based brand’s way of seeing pleasantly blends minimalism, streetwear and modernity with a pinch of premium quality, the whole at a rather modest price: the Velvet Leather Bomber Jacket we had our eyes on for example, is available on Manière De Voir for £49.99. And their motto says it all: on their website, the brand affirm their desire to ‘fulfil the need of fashion-forward enthusiasts, who desire trend-focused contemporary designs with competitive prices.’


Focusing on details, Manière De Voir takes up the challenge to keep up with the fashion trends while maintaining their own signature. From the grey sweater with the bold topstitching to the velvet bomber jacket, all the Manière De Voir’s pieces reveal the originality behind the label.

For example, if you’re a fan of the Suede Trucker Jacket, you can combine it easily with a pair of sports shorts, while opt for a black shirt underneath to even out the whole silhouette. If you prefer urban outfits, try to modernize a classic relaxed ensemble with the twist of a velvet-like zipped sweater. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Check Jacket (sold £42.99 on the e-shop) can be spiced up with a front zip instead of a classic buttonhole and will provide a neat lumberjack take on the silhouette, especially when coupled up with a pair of worn-out grey skinny jeans. Military-effect followers will find a little bit of khaki colour in the collection: a modern touch for the brand.


To all of the girls out here, don’t worry. The same way Manière De Voir offers a series of key-pieces for the men’s wardrobe, the label has got your back as well: their womenswear collection includes a sand beige palette, mixed with the strong touch of a dust grey colourway, but black classic pieces are – fortunately – not left aside. Between bespoke, luxe-inspired clothes and diverse accessories (such as the Mini Leather Backpack, the Grained Make-up Bag or the St Tropez Sunglasses), Manière De Voir offers a broad array of choice, both for the boys and for the girls.


A wind of change is certainly blowing throughout the men’s clothing industry, and it sometimes feels good to have a new label to turn our gaze to. As we at PAUSE favour multiplicity and support the brands we are getting inspiration from, Manière De Voir offers a new way of thinking the modern wardrobe, for our greater good.

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