The Most Ridiculous Things To Buy From Supreme FW16

By August 17, 2016Fashion News

Behold, the most insane items from Supreme’s drop tomorrow.

1. ‘Let’s Fuck’ Ashtray – because who doesn’t want to see this image of a girl hugging her rabbits EVERY time they put down their cigarette?


2. Seahorse Keychain – are you telling us this wouldn’t look incredible on your set of car keys? Exactly.


3. Supreme Tactical Striker Pen – for all your tactical striker needs…


4. Longevity Soup Set – who even buys bowls and spoons if they aren’t Supreme, right?…


5. Cordless Flood Light – it’s portable AND they provide rechargeable batteries, what more could you possibly want?


6. Brick – we literally can’t explain this one.


7. Supreme Simpson Street Bandit Helmet – as unnecessary as these might be, you can’t help but think this would look good over your head.


8. ‘They Fuck You Up’ T-Shirt – alright so this isn’t quite ridiculous, but there’s nothing like a bit of Philip Larkin to perk you up on a fall/winter’s day.


9. ‘Let’s Fuck’ T-Shirt – pretty on par with the ashtray but unlike an ashtray, this can be taken everywhere.


10. Supreme Tom & Jerry ‘The End’ Pin – let waves of 90’s nostalgia wash over you with the help of this eccentric little pin.


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