Olympics Themed Headphones By Apple, Beats by Dre and DJ Khaled

The Olympics’ spirit of unity inspires a colourful headphone collaboration.


There is nothing better than unity and no event encourages it quite like the Olympics. Apple, Beats by Dre and DJ Khaled have come together to create a collaborative collection of Beats by Dre Studio Wireless headphones. The collection is based around the flags of the countries who are taking part in the upcoming Olympics with each pair detailed with the colours from flags.

Keep an eye out for the Snapchat filter coming soon where you can virtually try on your own pair. If you can’t wait until then, click here to get your own. The headphones will also be available in stores for a limited time only.

See below for the full collection.

beats-unity-edition-olympics-1 beats-unity-edition-olympics-5 beats-unity-edition-olympics-4 beats-unity-edition-olympics-3 beats-unity-edition-olympics-2 beats-unity-edition-olympics-10 beats-unity-edition-olympics-9 beats-unity-edition-olympics-8 beats-unity-edition-olympics-7


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