10.Deep Fall 2016 Collection: “Outlands”

By September 1, 2016Fashion News

A desert inspired Fall collection from 10.Deep.


It appears that 10.Deep have taken to the desert for their latest Fall 2016 collection, creating a lookbook that features ever so subtle hints of cacti and sand as a backdrop to their current offering. The collection itself, focuses on a range of basic pieces such as hoodies and khaki trousers as well as denim jackets and military print parkas. However, the hoodies appear to be emblazoned with a range of graphics on the sleeves, and the word ‘Ranger’ imprinted on the front. Denim jackets are customised with desert-style prints on the back, and the collection as a whole is complete with an almost Cuban colour scheme.

Other key pieces of this collection include shiny beige bombers paired with velour sweats and patchwork co-ords, not forgetting signature overcoats and bandana-print neck ties. A PAUSE favourite from this particular collection includes a graphic print black bomber, with an intense back detail.

To shop the current collection visit 10.deep’s online store. In the meantime, view the full lookbook below:

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