Pharrell Williams X adidas Originals “Hu” Collection Pieces

By September 27, 2016Fashion News

“Play For The Human Race.”


Pharrell Willaims and adidas Originals created their collection “Hu” for autumn/winter 2016, based on the celebrations of the human race.

‘Hu is short for human – human being, the human race, humankind,’ Pharrell stated. ‘But Hu, itself is also a reference to colour. As human beings, we all have a colour. We all look different, we all speak different languages, but we’re all connected.’

The video attached showcases the collection, shot in a beautiful aesthetic, focusing on the ‘time of the human being’ and the importance and delicacy of the world that we live in.

The collection features colourful sports apparel and footwear. The yellow NMD Trainers were a huge sell-out success, so we look forward to the release of the new footwear range in scarlet, black, blue, green and tangerine. The trainers feature prime knit uppers, BOOST midsoles, innovative lace systems and the ‘Hu Race’ graphics.

The apparel boasts zip-up jackets detailed with stitched on badges and reflective materials. T-shirts, shorts and leggings follow a grey/blue/red colour palette.

The collection is set out to launch on the 29th September.

Click here to buy.

See the full collection below.

pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-2 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-019 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-018 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-17 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-16 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-15 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-14 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-13 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-12 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-11 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-10 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-9 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-8 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-7 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-6 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-5 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-4 pharrell-williams-adidas-originals-hu-collection-3


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