Yeezy V2 Campout Street Style In Rotterdam & Interview

By September 25, 2016Street Style Shots

Yeezy V2 Campout Street Style In Rotterdam,  Netherlands


The Yeezy launches are forever a continuous hype that almost everyone feels the need to buy, we at PAUSE interviewed Jeffrey Pankow who camped outside the ANSH46 store in Rotterdam, The Netherlands about his experience camping for the Yeezy Boost V2 sneakers. He also captured his experience with some street style photos. Read the full interview below:

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What time did you start camping?

I started camping on Friday (23 September) on 6pm till 10.00 am Saturday (24 September). We first had to sign up for the campout on Tuesday night 12pm. After that, we had check-in’s on 9.30 am, 6pm and 12pm until Friday. We also had a check-up every 2 hours from 6pm on Friday until the release so everyone could grab something to eat or drink at some store or fast food restaurant if they wanted to.

How many of you was camping outside all night?

It was a list of like 60-70 people and that was the amount of people who camped on Friday. There were a lot more, but some of them didn’t turn up at the check-ins.

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What do you carry with you when camping?

A comfy camping chair, warm and comfy clothes, a blanket, drinks, and food plus positive energy.

So why did you decide to camp?

Because I had to grab a pair. It’s one of the hottest sneakers of all time and this one was the first V2 version. It was my first time camping and I decided to camp because my friends camped as well. The vibes were insane, so much positivity and the staff of ANSH46 also did everything so the people would have a good time there while camping.

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How important was it for you to get the Yeezy V2?

As a sneakerhead, very important! I’ve always had bad luck on grabbing other Yeezy’s (except the Moonrocks) and said that I would never camp. I take that back because camping isn’t as bad as it looks. You meet new people with the same vision and interests and create strong ties with them (friendships). It was a night I’ll never forget, so much positive energy.

How many pairs of Yeezy sneakers do you own?

I only own the Moonrocks and this V2 version. I’d love to own more of the Yeezy sneakers, but I had bad luck previously with raffles and buying online. Now I experienced camping, I am willing to say that I will camp as well for the other Yeezy’s that I’d love to add to my collection.

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Do you buy the Yeezy sneakers to wear or Resell? And Why?

I buy Yeezy’s to wear of course! I love the way Kanye expresses himself through music and fashion and his taste for fashion. His sneakers are one of the hottest sneakers of all time. There are loads of resellers who ruin it for people who actually want to wear the sneaker but can’t camp because of work/school and have bad luck online/raffles. I feel for those people because I’ve stood in the same position when I never camped because of work or school. They have to pay double the price or triple actually and that’s just ridiculous. So yeah that’s why I wear my Yeezy’s.

How does it feel when you finally get a pair of new Yeezy Sneakers?

It’s a relief! Especially when u really did everything to grab a pair (camping). I just can’t believe how people actually could resell them after camping, because when i received my pair, i was so happy and couldn’t wait to rock those. They are very comfy and fashionable at the same time.

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Will you camp for the next release?

I probably will be camping on the next release (depends on what kind of Yeezy’s), not just for the sneaker tho [though], also for the good vibes. The positivity was so high at ANSH46, I became friends with people I’ve never met and it’s just all fun to hang out with people who has the same vision as you. We played football/soccer and listened to great music and having a laugh about loads of things. It’s just all good vibes and that’s one of the reasons why I am saying that camping isn’t that bad at all and why I’m going to camp at the next release.

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