Tourne De Transmission FW16 Campaign

By October 12, 2016Fashion News

Striking visuals.


Tourne De Transmission have recently unveiled images of their Fall/Winter 2016 collection despite the collection being debuted back in January of 2016. As a brand that is built around combining visuals, textures and words to create the right clothing, this collection is the embodiment of that ideal that they work towards. The collection is an amass of chunky knits, bold graphics and muted color palettes (black and navy prevail) to fit the brands image suitably.

See the full FW16 campaign below:

tourne-de-transmission-aw16-campaign-03tourne-de-transmission-aw16-campaign-02tourne-de-transmission-fw16tourne-de-transmission-aw16-campaign-01revail) to fit their image.


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