Want The Password To The Friends And Family Pablo Merch Site?

By October 19, 2016Fashion News

Kanye fans, at the ready.


If you’re eager to nab some Pablo garms for your wardrobe, here’s some news that will significantly brighten your Wednesday morning. A website, which initially appeared to be set up for friends and family of Mr. West to purchase Pablo merch, has mysteriously appeared online. It may be password protected, but thanks to the hard work of the members of forum, we have that password. Typing in the magic combination “PABLOFF#@#$312” at will gain you access to the site where you can purchase a range of items from the Pablo tour. There is just one catch, as the items are location-specific and mainly in North America, but there are also some select destinations in Europe, Australia and Africa and Asia, too.

Head to and type in “PABLOFF#@#$312” to browse the range and get your hands on some of the elusive march.


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