CREPE City Magazine Launches Issue 03

By November 7, 2016Culture, Fashion News

Listen up sneakerheads! CREPE CITY Magazine; issue 03 is out now.


CREPE CITY have released their third issue of their magazine; a magazine committed to all-things-sneaker and the encompassing cultures.

The third issue of the magazine, by TDS agency, is created in a larger format than the previous two, as well as introducing a fresh collaboration with typographers Colophon Foundry. However, it maintains the quality papers, finishings, and contents that created the hype for the magazines to begin with.

The magazine is a top read for all male and female sneakerheads to have an interest in the surrounding lifestyle. CREPE CITY have worked, again, with photographer Bruno Drummond on an adidas shoot, whilst delving deeper into the people and culture linked to sneakers.

Priced at only £8, you can get your hands on CREPE CITY magazine issue 03 online at CREPE CITY, at all good sneaker stores, the top newsstands, galleries and bookstores in the UK.

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