Instagram Story VS Snapchat – Which Do You Prefer?

By December 23, 2016Fashion News

We’ve had Snapchat longer, but which is really better?


In 2016, social media is an extremely important part of everyday life, with most millennials wondering how life before a phone and social media was even possible. Both Instagram Story and Snapchat are based around the same concept of posting a photo or video which will last exactly 24 hours and have extremely similar features, such as the ability to post cameras from your camera roll, add different coloured filters, add text, stickers, draw over your photos and more. The services also allow you to reply to a persons story with ease and chat away.


Snapchat, the original ‘story’ which came before Instagram stories, also allows you to add location-based geo-filters, temperature, speed and time which it all takes from your phone, no need to enter in the information yourself. Snapchat also allows you to choose how long you would like your story to last – from 1 to 10 seconds with videos lasting up to 10 seconds on both services. All of these features are not currently available on Instagram Stories.


Instagram extremely recently launched ‘live’ stories, similar to the live streaming service we have seen on Facebook this year – something Snapchat hasn’t added yet. Instagram is also more of an open service, where you can search for anyone and view the stories of people you don’t follow, with Instagram stories appearing on the search and suggested Instagram page, where as on Snapchat you need to have added someone as a friend to view their story.

Both services allow us a real time insight into the lives of friends, families, celebrities and more – but which one do you prefer? Vote below.

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