Billionaire Boys Club Europe Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

By January 13, 2017Fashion News

Where Space Meets Streetwear.


Billionaire Boys Club will be debuting their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week Men’s which takes place January 17th to 22nd, but have released the full lookbook in anticipation. The main theme of this streetwear collection is based around NASA and Space photography featuring designs that include images of those who work at NASA and an astronaut logo. Pieces in the collection include hoodies, T-Shirts, sweatpants, bomber jackets, puffer jackets, sherpas and a 3M reflective jacket.

The collection will release later this year, but you can view the full lookbook below.

BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE1 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE2 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE3 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE4 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE5 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE6 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE7 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE8 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE9 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE10 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE11 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE12 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE13 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE14 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE15 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE16 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE17 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE18 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE19 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE20BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE22 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE23 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE24 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE25 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE26 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE27 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE28 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE29 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE30 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE31 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE32 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE33 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE34 BillionaireBoysClub_PAUSE35

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