Commissary x Vans Presents “Friends And Family”

By January 26, 2017Fashion News, Sneakers

Retailer Commissary team up with Vans to create a new Vans Era style.


First things first, why “Friends And Family”? Well, we don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing the fact that they’re only creating 48 pairs may have something to do with it.

California-based retailer Commissary has joined forces with Vans to recreate a Vans Era shoe. The shoe jumps out at you with its entirely bold black and white aesthetic. The sneakers’ middle upper is filled with the Commissary logo in white, as well as on the back three-quarters of the sole. Other than that, and the classic red vans heel tab, the shoe is completely black.

Let’s face it, you probably won’t ever get your hands on these, but you can still feast your eyes on the lookbook below- enjoy!

commissary-vans-friends-and-family-vans-era-1 commissary-vans-friends-and-family-vans-era-2 commissary-vans-friends-and-family-vans-era-3 commissary-vans-friends-and-family-vans-era-4

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