LFWM: Blood Brother Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

By January 9, 2017Fashion Shows

A collection inspired by London’s main landmarks.


For their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Blood Brother took to the River Thames as their main source of inspiration. In addition to ‘The Thames’ forming as a spur of influence, they’ve also looked at other iconic London buildings and drawn inspiration from them; as seen in the patterning of each piece.

One of our favourite parts of Blood Brother’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is their range of cuts on each piece: ranging from slim-fitting to slouchy and oversized. The colour palette and cut of each garment means that the pieces showcased in this collection can be worked into your daily outfit with relative ease.

3 Words to describe the collection?

Thames, Utilitarian, & Wearable.

Which colour would you use to describe Blood Brother?

I would initially say black, but particularly this season I would say orange. I think it’s really vibrant, it ties in really well with the collection.

What direction do you think you’ll go in for the next collection?

We like our visual language as it is, it’s always wearable pieces. They’re quite torn up, they’re always pieces which seem dramatic and yet accessible. They won’t feel (1) Really fashion, or (2) Really safe. We really fill a nice niche; something in the middle.

In terms of the streetwear vibe, do you ever think you’ll edge more towards a sartorial fashion?

Yeah, we’re definitely aiming to be more sartorial. I have a bit more of a smarter presence, ever so slightly more grown up, and I think that compliments a street look, certainly in my opinion. Adding in a few tailored pieces really harnesses a more casual, softer feel to a collection.

When you cast for models, do you go for models who look quite relatable, because I know you produce ready to wear fashion?

Yeah! We always go for guys who will look like a team, a group, a squad that sit together nicely. I think for us, it’s important that they look like they came from the same party, support the same football team – or they’re all pals who hang out and that’s really key because the brand is about togetherness. So we have to have that presence as looking like guys who normally hang together.

Is there any model of the moment, or a person of interest, that you think represent your brand: Blood Brother?

Lemme think.. (A celebrity even?) We’ve had Machine Gun Kelly who came into the store yesterday to pick up some pieces and he looked really great in the clothes! He loves it and really on board with the brand. He’d be one person we work with that we feel at ease with and just on the same path. He has the same spirit.

Interview by Rhys Marcus Jay.

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