Gosha Rubchinskiy x adidas Football AW17 Show

Gosha Gosha Gosha. 


Yesterday, our eyes were excitingly cast away from the usual fashion month trail when Gosha Rubchinskiy showcased his adidas Football collaboration in Kaliningrad. The Russian exclave was host to an intimate show with just 40 audience seats and a fantastic demonstration of the contemporary man’s style. Moving away from the more signature look that catapulted the designer to fame, the collection showed the continuation of Rubchinskiy’s maturing style from season and season. A clean cohesion of skate-inspired sportswear and tailoring, the overall expression felt wholly current, as if this is the point hybrid styling and dressing has been aiming to reach.

A lesson in merging the once polarised realms of smart and casual, an array of loose-fitted suits, cut to perfection, took to the runway alongside shell-suiting, statement knits and delectably tangible sweats. The branding (of both labels) was interestingly lowkey, showing a move away from the 2016 obsession with emblazoned logos. Time to tone it down? Seamless style at its best, Rubchinskiy’s rise is only soaring higher. His influence has been one of the most significant of these past two years. Just this week, Topman launched their ‘new trend’ Moskva State, which has only Rubchinskiy to answer to and epitomizes the rapidity of commercialisation but also the extent of this designer’s impact and vision.

See the full Gosha Rubchinskiy x adidas Football Fall/Winter 2017 Runway Show below:

Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE2 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE3 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE4 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE5 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE6 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE7 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE8 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE9 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE10 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE11 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE12 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE13 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE14 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE15 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE16 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE17 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE18 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE19 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE20Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE21 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE22 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE23 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE24 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE25 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE26 Gosha-Rubchinskiy_PAUSE27

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