Pitti Uomo: Ordinary People Autumn/Winter 2017 Runway Show

Ordinary People unveiled their AW17 collection this week at Pitti Uomo, Florence. 


Ordinary People is designed by Jang Hyeong Cheol it is one of the youngest brands to be presented on the runway at Seoul Collection, in fact eight times in a row. The brand was also honoured by CDFK as “New designer of the year”. Each season the brand always out does itself. using the most precious fabrics you can find that feel soft and comfortable on your skin the brand uses high end tailoring with a modern twist.

Ordinary-People_fw17_fy23 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy28 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy2 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy5 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy15 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy6 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy30 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy17 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy18 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy27 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy16 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy24 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy12 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy13 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy9 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy29 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy21 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy4 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy8 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy14 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy7 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy1 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy22 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy10 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy26 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy19 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy25 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy20 Ordinary-People_fw17_fy3

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