LFWM: Maharishi Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Show

Representing The Divide Between The East And The West.


Maharishi debuted the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Tour D’Afrique at London Fashion Week Mens. The collection features a natural colour palette with earthy tones as well as the camouflage DPM: Tigerstripe Murale created through hand screen printing. These patterns were also upcycled by Maharishi by being painted onto reclaimed military uniforms. Maharishi have combined simplistic shapes with bright colours to reflect a sense of naivety as well as drawing inspiration from traditional African clothing to create pieces such as a hooded loose fitting robe. This collection highlights the core themes Maharishi as a brand consistently portray such as East vs. West and nature and handcraft vs. technology.

Check out all the looks from the runway show below.


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