LFWM: YMC Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

See the full YMC Autumn/Winter 2017 collection which showcased at London Fashion Week Men’s below:


Set upon a spray paint wall and a raw scenery, the YMC Fall/Winter 2017 presentation sent something of an urban glamour vibe during London Fashion Week: Men’s. The Hetty Douglas signature (the very same Hetty Douglas we mentioned in our list of 7 creatives to follow) provided the offering an even more playful touch, for the sake of modern art and Bauhaus movement aficionados.

Male and female silhouettes were sporting bérets, army green ensembles, burnt orange hues and eye-catching outerwear. However, if there was one thing we couldn’t take our eyes off of, it was most definitely the graphic pattern displayed here and there on the unisex outfits. Made in France Bretons tops were also thoughtfully combined to sheepskin flight jackets, a uniform perfectly designed for the Fall/Winter 2017 season.

Joining their force for the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Eastpack also collaborated with YMC, providing the outfits with the most appealing patterned backpacks and bumbags. Wearing the flatform shoes to spice up their loose and comfortable allure, YMC models also gained height with a twist of insolence.

Check the photos below:


 ymc-aw17 ymc-aw17-3 ymc-aw17-4 ymc-aw17-5 ymc-aw17-6 ymc-aw17-7 ymc-aw17-11 ymc-aw17-12


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