MFW: Etro Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

The Etro F/W 17 collection showcased at Milan Fashion Week: Men’s


The Etro Fall/Winter 2017 collection was heavily inspired by the Himalayan region and the and its mountainous intensity. Designer, Kean Etro, stated: “It’s about the sacredness of the mountains…mixing the idea of climbing and ascendere: ascent.”

Influence was also drawn from the French novel Mount Analogue by René Daumal. The novel explores an ‘allegorical mountaineering expedition to enlightenment’.

These inspirations are reflected in the collection through the functional designs and the intricate detailing. The garments vary from shimmering velvet tailored suits to more technical outerwear; a compromise of functionality and ornate aesthetics. Knitwear is etched with mountains and jackets with images of varied references to nature. Double-breasted jackets are secured by unconventional fastenings; modern tailoring with touches of exploration.

The colour palette changes from dark tones of greys and browns to bright highlights of yellows, greens and flashes of reds. Etro plays with the skill of heavy patterned pieces clashing with minimal block colours to create balanced looks as a whole. Stand out pieces include pretty much all the outerwear and the kilt- a garment, which he has supposedly always wanted to bring into a collection.

See the full Etro Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week Men’s below.

Etro_PAUSE9 Etro_PAUSE10 Etro_PAUSE11 Etro_PAUSE12 Etro_PAUSE13 Etro_PAUSE14 Etro_PAUSE15 Etro_PAUSE16 Etro_PAUSE17 Etro_PAUSE18 Etro_PAUSE19 Etro_PAUSE20 Etro_PAUSE2 Etro_PAUSE21 Etro_PAUSE22 Etro_PAUSE23 Etro_PAUSE24 Etro_PAUSE26 Etro_PAUSE25 Etro_PAUSE27 Etro_PAUSE28 Etro_PAUSE29 Etro_PAUSE30 Etro_PAUSE3 Etro_PAUSE31 Etro_PAUSE32 Etro_PAUSE33 Etro_PAUSE34 Etro_PAUSE35 Etro_PAUSE36 Etro_PAUSE37 Etro_PAUSE39 Etro_PAUSE38 Etro_PAUSE4 Etro_PAUSE40 Etro_PAUSE41 Etro_PAUSE42 Etro_PAUSE43 Etro_PAUSE44 Etro_PAUSE45 Etro_PAUSE47 Etro_PAUSE46 Etro_PAUSE48 Etro_PAUSE49 Etro_PAUSE50 Etro_PAUSE6 Etro_PAUSE7 Etro_PAUSE8Etro_PAUSE1

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