PFW: Cerruti Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Cerruti Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection at Paris Fashion Week.


The house of Cerruti broadens our vision yet again with their return to the Parisian catwalks, celebrating 50 years of creation and the arrival of Jason Basmajian.

Cerruti traditional suit is revisited with forms highlighting comfort, the high waist, the ample trouser and lengthened jackets. The focus is on fine fabrics with an irresistible fall. Long buckled cashmere robe coat and the denim for a rejuvenated line take centre stage in the new collection, conforming to the theme of timeless luxury and comfortable wardrobe.

Celebrating 50 decades was the aim, which meant a mixture of relaxed chic suits with sportswear, search into the fabrics, textures colours was showcased. Realistic ensembles was fully delved into the image of the modern man- a man with style.



Cerruti_PAUSE3 Cerruti_PAUSE4 Cerruti_PAUSE5 Cerruti_PAUSE6 Cerruti_PAUSE7 Cerruti_PAUSE8 Cerruti_PAUSE9 Cerruti_PAUSE10 Cerruti_PAUSE11 Cerruti_PAUSE12 Cerruti_PAUSE13 Cerruti_PAUSE14 Cerruti_PAUSE15 Cerruti_PAUSE16 Cerruti_PAUSE17 Cerruti_PAUSE18 Cerruti_PAUSE19 Cerruti_PAUSE20 Cerruti_PAUSE21 Cerruti_PAUSE22 Cerruti_PAUSE23 Cerruti_PAUSE24 Cerruti_PAUSE25 Cerruti_PAUSE26 Cerruti_PAUSE27 Cerruti_PAUSE28 Cerruti_PAUSE29 Cerruti_PAUSE30 Cerruti_PAUSE31 Cerruti_PAUSE32 Cerruti_PAUSE33 Cerruti_PAUSE34 Cerruti_PAUSE35 Cerruti_PAUSE36 Cerruti_PAUSE37 Cerruti_PAUSE38 Cerruti_PAUSE39 Cerruti_PAUSE40 Cerruti_PAUSE41 Cerruti_PAUSE42 Cerruti_PAUSE43 Cerruti_PAUSE44 Cerruti_PAUSE45 Cerruti_PAUSE46 Cerruti_PAUSE47 Cerruti_PAUSE48 Cerruti_PAUSE49 Cerruti_PAUSE50 Cerruti_PAUSE51 Cerruti_PAUSE52

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