PFW: Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


Spotted: a series of colorful, fringed wigs at the Comme des Garçons’ latest Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show. Neon yellow, bright green, light-blue or baby-pink, male models from the last Comme Des Garçons collection were out and about, proudly sporting their tailored jackets and large black silhouettes. Designer Rei Kawakubo playfully toyed with menswear classic pieces and twisted them with stripes and glitters, allowing Comme Des Garçons to indulge deeper into the enjoyable side of fashion.

Check the photos below:

CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE2 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE3 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE4 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE5 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE6 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE7 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE8 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE9 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE10 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE11 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE12 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE13 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE14 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE15 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE16 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE17 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE18 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE19 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE20 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE21 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE22 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE23 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE24 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE25 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE26 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE27 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE28 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE29 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE30 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE31 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE32 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE33 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE34 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE35 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE36 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE37 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE38 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE39 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE40 CommeDesGarcons_PAUSE41

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