SELF MADE FW17 ‘Lost Memories’ Collection

SELF MADE presents its fourth collection at PFW.


SELF MADE is a brand born from Filipino-Italian designer Gianfranco Villegas, and as we enter AW17 the brand presents its fourth collection titled ‘Lost Memories’.

As the name suggests, the brand evolved from Villegas’ upbringing in Florence and his thirst for the fashion industry. He states “It’s my personal diary where every day I write my story, my struggle, my feelings and where I came from…”

For his ‘Lost Memories’ collection, Villegas turned to old photo albums and diaries of his younger self to drive the development of the pieces. He places the words he once wrote onto jeans and bombers and embroiders the brand’s name SELF MADE on the roll necks of knitwear and the backs of premium leather sneakers.

Whilst the collection feels mainly dark and moody, it’s uplifted by the idea that it was created through his friends and family’s support who helped him grow into the designer he is today.

SELF MADE is definitely a brand to watch! Check out the ‘Lost Memories’ collection below.

SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy1 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy2 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy3 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy5 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy6 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy7 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy8 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy9 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy10 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy12 SELF-MADE-by-Gianfranco-Villegas_fw17_fy11



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