PFW: Hugo Costa Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Inspired by a Norwegian explorer.


Hugo Costa is a young Portuguese designer who debuted his first collection in 2010. His newest menswear collection presented at Paris Fashion Week was titled AMUNDSEN. The designer was inspired by reading about Roald Engelbregt Cravning Amundsen, the Norwegian adventurer who was the first one to explore both the North and the South Poles.  According to Costa himself, ”AMUNDSEN is a representative collection of the human being’s necessity to explore the unknown. Thus, it is the urgency for new experiences and adventures, metaphorically represented by territorial explorations.”

The collection is loosely based on the designer’s representation of the attire Amundsen wore during his adventures. Using layers of technical materials, Costa managed to create voluminous outfits that allow freedom of movement.

See the Hugo Costa Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week below.

HugoCosta_PAUSE9 HugoCosta_PAUSE7 HugoCosta_PAUSE5 HugoCosta_PAUSE6 HugoCosta_PAUSE3 HugoCosta_PAUSE4 HugoCosta_PAUSE23 HugoCosta_PAUSE21 HugoCosta_PAUSE22 HugoCosta_PAUSE2 HugoCosta_PAUSE20 HugoCosta_PAUSE19 HugoCosta_PAUSE17 HugoCosta_PAUSE18 HugoCosta_PAUSE15 HugoCosta_PAUSE16 HugoCosta_PAUSE14 HugoCosta_PAUSE12 HugoCosta_PAUSE13 HugoCosta_PAUSE11 HugoCosta_PAUSE1 HugoCosta_PAUSE10

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