PFW: Issey Miyake Men Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Issey Miyake Fall/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


Issey Miyake debuted his Fall/Winter 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The collection featured a large range of outerwear including puffer jackets, suit jackets, longline coats and trench coats, as well as trousers, shoes and knitwear. One of the standout pieces from the collection is a reflective silver 3m suit jacket and trousers with black detailing; a modern twist on a classic piece. The colour palette of this collection mainly features blacks, greens and blues with a small pop of orange and the use of patterns – checkered and striped.

See the full collection below:

IsseyMiyake_PAUSE38 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE37 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE36 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE35 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE34 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE33 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE32 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE31 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE30 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE29 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE28 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE27 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE26 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE25 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE24 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE23 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE22 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE21 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE20 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE19 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE18 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE17 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE16 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE15 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE14 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE13 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE12 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE11 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE10 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE9 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE8 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE7 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE6 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE5 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE4 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE3 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE2 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE1 IsseyMiyake_PAUSEIsseyMiyake_PAUSE40 IsseyMiyake_PAUSE41

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