PFW: Les Benjamins Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Eagle hunting and primal connections inspire Les Benjamins F/W 2017


The regal Mongolian sport of eagle hunting has inspired designer of Les Benjamins,  Bunyamin Aydin, for the Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Aydin has searched into the connections between man and beast as they explore the Altai Mountains and the ancient rituals of eagle hunting.

The collection is built on intricate detailing of thread embroidery, gold foils, prints and tapestry patchwork coming together to create layers of technique.With a colour palette of ochre, burgundy, navy, sand, crimson and gold, Aydin boldly throws phrases such as ‘HUNT’, ‘THE HORSEMAN COUNTRY’ and ‘GREAT EAGLES FLY ALONE’ on the garments; a further nod at the ancient rituals.

The standout materials used in the AW17 lineup were cotton jersey, French terry velvet and faux fur, beautifully collated to form another great season.

See the full Les Benjamins Fall/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week Men’s below and checks out our interview with Les Benjamin’s founder Bunyamin Aydin here.

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