PFW: Officine Générale Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Officine Generale Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


Doing what he does best, AW17 at Pierre Mahéo’s Officine Générale was a sumptuous fusion of practicality, wearability and style – all finished with that sartorially superior gloss of French nonchalance we all try so hard to emulate. Looking to the great French style icons of old, Mahéo sought to portray the modern man without all the modern nonsense.

With their penchant for the finer fabrics never compromised, Officine Générale AW17 collection made for a staple heavy selection of stylish suede jackets, casual tailoring, supple outerwear and (somehow) incredibly alluring silk neckties in a contemporary palette of navy blues, grey, olive green and dusty pink. The pursuit of french masculinity has never been more obvious – simultaneously, rarely has it been so successful.

OfficineGenerale_PAUSE7 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE8 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE6 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE5 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE4 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE33 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE34 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE32 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE30 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE31 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE3 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE29 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE28 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE26 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE27 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE25 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE23 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE24 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE22 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE21 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE2 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE20 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE19 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE17 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE18 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE15 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE16 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE14 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE12 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE13 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE11 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE1 OfficineGenerale_PAUSE10OfficineGenerale_PAUSE35

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