PFW: Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE1

Yohji Yamamoto debuted their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at Paris Fashion week, redesigning workwear with a formal feel. The collection focusses on a neutral colour palette with many looks styled completely monochrome, but also features looks that mix loud patterns and a touch of colour in all aspects, showing a varied collection. The silhouettes fell under a common theme; long and oversized with jackets, shirts and trousers.

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE2

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE3
Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE4  Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE5  Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE6  Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE7

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE8

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE9

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE10

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE11

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE12

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE13

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE14

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE15

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE16

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE17

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE18

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE19

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE20

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE21

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE22

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE23

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE24

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE25

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE26

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE27

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE28

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE29

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE30

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE31

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE32

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE33

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE34

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE35

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE36

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE37

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE38

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE39

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE40

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE41

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE42

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE43

Yohji Yamamoto_PAUSE44

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