Prada’s New Spring/Summer 2017 “365” Campaign

By January 11, 2017Fashion News

The Italian fashion brand, Prada offers an effortless take on luxury fashion.

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Indulgence and aptitude have always been associated with Prada, the Italian luxury house which was founded in 1913. The history, conventional values and prominent designs continue to be the main connection to the house. Nonetheless, according to a statement from Prada, the fashion house helmed by Miuccia Prada is re-imaging its fashion campaigns by “challenging convention and freed from creative boundaries.”

The campaign is dubbed “365” and tells a story using various narratives aimed to mimic reality, as opposed to using a singular story in a fantasy setting. The result is impeccable, with a more natural, realistic take on Prada’s wares and most definitely a fresh view on the label’s position.


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