SPOTTED: Nick Young in Most Hated Hoodie

Nick young spotted in Most Hated black hoodie.


Lakers basketball player Nick Young was seen wearing a Visitor on Earth customized denim jacket, Most Hated black hoodie and Palm Angels black slim side stripe trousers. The NBA player was also wearing Adidas Gazelle black suede low-top sneakers.

Young fully embraces the Gazelle sneakers, which roots back to 1968 as an indoor soccer trainer and to its 1991 debut as a street sneaker, the Adidas design has been popular for decades. The new addition is a faithful reproduction of the 1991 model, complete with the materials, colours and proportions that made it an instant icon.

Get the look below:


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Palm-Angels-black-slim-side-stripe-trousers-1  Palm Angels Black Slim Trousers – Click here to buy.


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