Stockholm Fashion Week: L’Homme Rouge FW17 ‘Stompers’ Collection

One of the highlights during Stockholm Fashion Week is L’Homme Rouge.

You might think it’s French, but this brand is from the Swedish west coast. The name, meaning “the red man” is a reminder to live life to the fullest. The founders/creatives/friends behind the brand are John-Ruben Holtback, Jonatan Härngren, Carl-Johan Holtback and Axel Trädgårdh, and through their collections, they are showing us the “red” way of life.

This brand is a strong example of how design and entrepreneurship got the ability to shine light on various important questions within society and how this, when linked together with us as consumers, got the power to raise a strong voice.


“FW17 ‘Stompers’ is inspired by an alienated group of young Swedish harbour workers. In a time of rebellion this group of social outcasts created a voice for themselves through provocative expression of re-worked luxury clothing they found in misplaced shipping containers. These shameless expression and the group’s do it yourself mentality inspired a whole generation to break free and manifest their discontent.”

See the full L’Homme Rouge FW17 collection which showcased at Stockholm Fashion Week:

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