LFWM: Topman Design Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Raving I’m Raving.


The eccentric lovechild of the 70s and 90s, Topman Design’s latest collection morphed together so many iconic elements of style from said decades and seamlessly made them seem indicative of 2010s style. The look was best realised in the pairing of voluminous combats with a gypsy-esque shirt. Inspiration from some of today’s most influential and groundbreaking designers, Craig Green and Wales Bonner showed how we do have a style of our time, it’s not all appropriated – it’s very clever eclecticism.

If Mondrian’s studio had been propelled forward into the 90s rave scene, this show’s staging was that spot. The 3D primary coloured geometrics, glistening in resin created amazing structural contrast against the peeling warehouse walls. The Modernist industrialism of the look created an awesome backing for the mass of fluorescence that emerged down the catwalk as the show’s momentum built up.

Starting low-key with some grey pin-striping and suiting, the touches of psychedelic reference at the collars was the compass needle pointing in the direction that the collection was headed. The beaded tasselling against the high-waisted and waistcoated suiting showed the aforementioned influence of Wales Bonner while Green’s heavy impression emerged later in when some very 90s denim came storming down the runway.

Speaking of denim, it was patchworked, oversized, combatted and topped off with some reduced-diameter bucket hats. Darker denims really stood out although really there was no discrimination as all the shades poured forth. It was a very 90s affair.

Knitwear was a massive standout. A chunky knitted kagool as well as some seriously cool knitted graphics had us wishing for shop the runway in today’s icy London chill. The contrast of the psychedelic patterns against the muted pin stripes and checks felt like a natural hybrid, reflective of today’s mash-up menswear style.

Pink was a strong player in the colour game. To be fair, these days when is it not? The best highlight of the hue came in the form of some crotch detailed sweat pants. Grey jersey with hot pink PVC panelling: so good. The padded co-ords that crept out towards the end were also amazing as was the high waisted trench coat in leather and neon patchwork that had an almost kimono flow to them. Also – that purple leopard print coat.

Song choice for the finale was a winner and couldn’t have been more fitting. [Raving I’m Raving by Shut up and Dance ft. Peter Bouncer.]

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