Conor McGregor Gets Interviewed by GQ

Conor McGregor on Floyd Mayweather, Khloé Kardashiany, the UFC and much more.

GQ Style has decided to interview the controversial UFC legend, Conor McGregor. The Irish professional mixed martial artist was open about anything and everything. We have summed up our favourite moments from the interview below.


McGregor said that there many young men in beards and waistcoats trying to look like him in Ireland.

”They all want to be me a little. That’s a Drake line. All them boys want to be me a little. I mean, I don’t blame them. If I wasn’t me, I’d want to be me, too.”


McGregor definitely earned some rest, he has recently rented a large house in Malibu and hopes to see a Kardashian.

”Maybe I’ll search for Khloé’s big fat ass—she’s been floating around Malibu. I don’t give a **** about them. I just like to see them in the flesh.”

Celebrity Status

Even though many consider him a celebrity, he does not like to think of himself as one.

”People think I’m a celebrity. I’m not a celebrity. I break people’s faces for money and bounce.”

His Physical Power

McGregor unexpectedly lost to Nate Diaz last March but won in August.

”No one’s work is clean like my work. My shots are clean. My shots are precise. Look at Nate. Nate was 200 pounds. When I hit him down, it was exactly like if a sniper took aim at someone in between their eyeballs and let the thing rip.”


So what does he want from the UFC?

”Four point two billion dollars. I want to negotiate what I’m worth. I want to put my analytics forward, man-to-man, and be like, ‘This is what I’m owed now. Pay me.’ And then we can talk.”

Floyd Mayweather

Does he want to fight Floyd Mayweather?

”I mean, that’s the one that everyone wants, that’s the one that makes the most sense.”

”He’s 40 years of age. He’s a little…he’s got a little head on him. Honestly, my fist is bigger than his head. I sleep people. I put people unconscious. I’m stating facts. If I hit that man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers. You understand that? If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulders and up into the bleachers.”


He figures out how to protect his child.

”If someone comes near me when I have my kid in my hands, like the way they come near me now, looking for pictures, someone’s gonna be badly hurt.”

You can read the full interview on GQ Style.

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