MISBHV “EUphoria” Fall/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection

By February 7, 2017Fashion News

MISBHV Fall/Winter 2017 Menswear collection showcases for new season.

The new season’s collection draws reference from an era of the early 90s in a post-Soviet Europe. Embracing the brand’s native Poland, the collection delves into the fall of Iron Curtain and the first exposure of an isolated society to the cultural influence of the West. “EUphoria” is about a naive perspective on the notion of “trend” and “luxury”, a seemingly complex dialogue between the harsh, cold surroundings of The East and the ultimate utopia of The West.

MISBHV has become one of the most anticipated names in the international fashion industry for the past few years since making the leap from its native Warsaw to the international markets. The brand, which is based in Poland is a forerunner amongst the current wave of Central and Eastern European designer brands buzzing within the international markets.

Fronted by designer Natalia Maczek it was founded to create clothes “their friends would like”, aiming to break the cycle of imitation and emulation in fashion. The brand illustrates an economic shift out of a communist society and the grit and determination associated with this.

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