Opening Ceremony x Dickies Renew Archive Workwear for Today

By February 9, 2017Fashion News

Opening Ceremony and Dickies refresh archive workwear.

Almost 100 years ago, two friends decided to make a labourer’s uniform which resulted in a definitive American wardrobe staple that was later recognised as Dickies. Since 1922, Dickies workwear has been reimagined by many subcultures, yet its traditional iconic elements stay untouched.

New York-based Opening Ceremony are rising again with another nostalgia-inspired collaboration with Dickies, combining cool and classics in their attire.

The New York fashion house has reworked the workwear brand’s notable pieces for a new generation. The team at Opening Ceremony digged through Dickie’s entire archive and completely re-worked its most key silhouettes, using only luxury materials, patriotically made in the USA.

The duo’s collection line-up includes functional bib overalls, work pants and traditional work short with added pinstripes for the first time. Opening Ceremony also transforms Dickies 1922 classic Work Shorts with a California-focused checkerboard print.

Dickies workwear has always been acknowledged for quality, bold toughness and the American worker’s pride and its existence in every kind of subculture, including skateboarders and Rancid to rappers, depicts exactly why the democratic Dickies brand goes past the working man and invites subversive idealist of all stripes.

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