Trend Watch: Raw Hem Jeans and Shoelace Belts

By February 27, 2017Features

Make a fashion statement by combining 2 biggest trends of SS17.

Chances are you wear your jeans more often than any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It is time to spice things up a bit and experiment with your jeans because raw hems are going to be the next big thing this Spring/Summer 2017 season!

Forget the holes in the knees, this seasons is all about ankles.

Many high street retailers have now started including raw hem jeans in their collections, however, you can always distress your old jeans yourself. If you are on a budget, have an old pair of jeans or you simply did not find a pair of raw hem jeans that would suit you, do not worry! Distressing your jeans is not difficult, all you need is a pair of fabric scissors. Mark where you want your raw hem to be and cut along using fabric scissors. Do not forget to double check that both legs are symmetrical in length. To create an authentic worn-out look, cut a bit upwards into the hem.

You can pair it with a plain T-shirt as well as with a stylish bomber jacket. Layer your outfit with a hoodie or a jumper and do not forget to finish your effortlessly stylish look with a pair of cool trainers.

Elevate this trend with another Spring/Summer 2017 bomb that is a long shoelace belt. Long belts could have been spotted on runways for good few years now, however, none of them is as effortless as a pair of white long shoelaces. Skateboarders have been wearing them for functionality for many years now. You do not have to spend a fortune to keep your pants up to be stylish anymore because shoelaces will do the job too and make you look sharp at the same time. Another advantage of using shoelaces as you belt is that you will not have to take it off before your next security check at the airport. Designers such as Marques Almeida and Gosha Rubchinskiiy were the first ones to introduce hanging belts in their collections, however, we expect many high street retailers to follow up on this trend and add shoelaces to their offerings. Do not forget that they will still be shoelaces and there is no need to spend too much on them. This SS17 trend is all about looking effortless without spending too much on expensive accessories.

Make a fashion statement by tucking your plain tee to your raw hem jeans and wear a shoelace belt as a trendy accessory.

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