Are Reebok About To Make The Male Romper Cool?

By May 19, 2017Fashion News

The New Summer Cool?

Reebok are jumping on the current male Romper trend, putting their ReeRomp up for pre-order on their website. Reebok describes the ReeRomp as:

“Built for bros, the ReeRomp will keep you cool in more ways than one. Made with ACTIVCHILL technology and a reflective zipper, this romper combines the benefits of an active life and effortless style. Embrace the season’s coolest new trend, perfectly paired with Classic Leathers.”

Although the drawn pictures provided only give off an impression of what the ReeRomp looks like, it looks like it could actually make the male Romper cool, with a techwear vibe through the shape and design of the pockets and zips.

Currently, only on the American Reebok site, the ReeRomp is available for pre-order for $89 now.

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