Forbe’s Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist List 2017

By May 11, 2017Fashion News

1. Diddy, $820 million USD

Forbes has released this years wealthiest Hip-Hop artists. The publication states that for 2017 Diddy is the wealthiest artist, with a net worth of $820 million USD. Other artists that made the list include JAY Z with a net worth of $810 million USD and Dr. Dre with $740 million USD.

The rest of the list respectively includes Birdman at $110 million USD and Drake at $90 million USD.

More can be read on the list here.

2. JAY Z, $810 million USD

 3. Dr. Dre with $740 million USD

4. Birdman, $110 million USD

5. Drake, $90 million USD


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