PAUSE Picks: Top 5 Skincare Brands for Men

By May 29, 2017Grooming

Best skin care brands for men? Let’s take a look.

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With a seemingly endless stream of skin care brands for men hitting the market in recent years, separating the serious contenders from the tacky tokenistic takes has fast become the hardest part of selecting a suitable skin cream. While it’s relatively easy to find something that’s clearly merchandised with men in mind, sourcing skin care that offers more than a simple masculine marketing makeover is a different story.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the men’s skin care brands doing things right, as well as a couple of our favourite products from each.


Frustrated with the lack of quality grooming products available for men, high-performance brand, Anthony, was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Anthony Sosnick. Offering a wide range of products that address specific issues ranging from oily skin to self-inflicted, post-party puffiness – the results driven brand always delivers on its promises.

Star Products:



First introducing products for men back in the 1960s, Kiehl’s have been paving the way with premium skin care since. Incorporating techniques from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine; they offer unique blends of powerful ingredients with a focus on natural sources.

Star Products:



Designed for men’s skin from the ground up, Bulldog offers a wide range of results-driven grooming products at incredibly affordable pricing. All containing natural ingredients, as well as being completely cruelty-free, it’s no wonder the brand has accumulated over twenty awards since their founding in 2005.

Star Products:

  • Original Moisturiser: Ideal as a daily moisturiser; it’s packed with 8 essential oils, has a non-greasy finish and, of course, a price tag you really can’t argue with.
  • Oil Control Face Scrub: Removes dead cell buildup from the skin while purifying and reducing further oil production.



The newest of the bunch, STOER skincare launched in 2017 with a particular focus on protecting skin from growing environmental concerns such as pollution, harsh weather and central heating. The unique Clima 5 technology lends itself well to urban living gents by protecting and repairing city damaged skin with a potent cocktail of natural extracts from around the globe.

Star Products:

  • Firm & Protect Serum: Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and stimulates collagen production.
  • Detox Face Scrub: Stips away oil, sweat and dirt buildup; perfect at the end of a sticky summer’s day.

stoer skincare


With a selection of handy travel kits and numerous small, yet powerful, products for the face and body; Men-Ü is one of the leading brands for the frequently travelling man. With a focus on providing robust, concentrated skin care; they offer all the results with half the bulk – win.

Star Products:

men u

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